Frossen vatnet

It’s hard to believe that when I got here three weeks ago, the lake looked like this:


And this past week, it completely froze over:

Enough that some fearless people played hockey

The snow has covered the city in a few inches of powder, which I’ve found very exciting. Everything looks better in snow. I’ve been told that Stavanger only gets one or two weeks of snow in the winter, so I’m trying to soak up as much of it as I can.

This week, UiS had a bunch of events for students, including a seminar on subsea technology, coffee-around-the-world, and a career fair presented by IAESTE where science and technology companies came to meet students, recruit, and pass out goodies.

The public transportation here is so convenient, and buses will easily take you from school (for classes) to the city center (for food and shopping). The police station is also along the same route, where everyone goes to submit a student visa application, so I dropped mine off yesterday morning and then headed into town for some freshly baked bread from Godt Brød.


Classes have begun to get a bit busier, but it’s been a lot of fun finding my way around a new campus, getting to know my classmates, and exploring the city. I can’t wait until it gets warmer to go hiking, but for now I will continue to be amazed that I get to walk all over frozen water.

Standing in the middle of the lake!

One thought on “Frossen vatnet

  1. I am envious and hope you are enjoying your time there. I worked in Stavanger as an expat with part of Schlumberger from 2012-2013. Loved it, and miss it now that I’m back in Houston.


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