Skole livet

University of Stavanger campus,

When UiS boasts having students from around the world, they aren’t joking. In my class alone, there are students from Norway, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela, Colombia, South Africa, Egypt, Pakistan, Russia, Indonesia…well, you get the picture. This creates a terrific learning environment because it combines rigorous and exciting classes with the chance for diverse students to learn from each other. Plus, if you become friends with classmates who like to cook, you get to sample scrumptious dishes from all across the globe.

As far as classes go, I only know what I’m familiar with. The Master’s programs in Petroleum Engineering are all taught in English, and they’re split into several categories: Drilling Engineering, Production Engineering, Reservoir Engineering, and Petroleum Geosciences Engineering.

I come from a geology background, so I fall under the Petroleum Geosciences Engineering Master’s program. The classes I’ve chosen are tough and heavily computer-based, and while much of my experience has been learning through application, I feel like I’ve learned so much in a short amount of time. We’ve covered both Petrel and RMS in class, and my research in the Barents Sea uses Landmark, so my software knowledge has already tripled in just three months.

For a full list of academic departments, click here.

Kjølv Egelands hus,

This is Kjølv Egelands hus, where I spend almost all my time. It’s one of the largest buildings on campus, with several computer labs and lots of different classrooms. There is also a coffee shop (Bokkafeen) and a cafeteria (which many people call the canteen), which sells everything from pizza and sandwiches to hot lunches (a particularly popular dish is komle, a traditional Norwegian dish which is sort of like a potato dumpling).

SiS Sportssenter,

I’m a big fan of the gym at the university. It’s called the SiS Sportssenter, and it’s one of the best gyms in all of Stavanger. Aside from machines and weights, they also have a rock-climbing wall, squash courts, a huge gymnasium, and a multitude of different classes you can take (I tried spinning yesterday, and my legs are still sore) — not bad for a semester membership (~$135).

Personally, I love it here, and not just because my class field trip next week is to Greece. The campus is beautiful, the students are friendly, and everything is surrounded by stunning scenery. Before I arrived, I watched this video on repeat — it’s a short intro about the school, students, and surrounding city.

Believe me, it’s even better than you could imagine.


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